Ohio Diocese Convocation May 2 -4, 2019

Pursuing His Purpose By His Power 

Romans 8:28


May 2nd
  • Thursday night  Family Activity begins at 7:30pm
May 3rd
  • Friday Evening Glory Service starts at 7:30pm
  • Friday Midnight Program is 10:30am-12:00am
May 4th
  • Saturday Afternoon Glory Service starts at 4:15pm
May 3rd and 4th
  • Workshops run throughout the day, starting at 9:30am

Welcome to the Ohio Diocese of the CoolJC

“We are organized and united to carry out the mandates of Jesus Christ to evangelize the world by baptizing and making disciples for Him, teaching them to obey and follow his commands, and to promote, establish, and advance ministries as they relate to the communities we are called to serve.”


The purpose of this department shall be to promote spiritual growth, heighten devotion, provide instruction and training — biblical, doctrinal and secular, enhance fellowship among the youth of this international organization, and support the general body in the attainment of national and international goals.


The purpose of the Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives Guild for the State of Ohio is to support the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the women who have been called to the position of helpmeet of our ministers and deacons in order to build solidarity within the leadership of the churches within our, diocese through confidential communication and sharing among the members of this guild.


We are brothers that are organized and united in Christ regardless of rank or calling for the purpose of fellowship of love that binds us together for service to the Lord Jesus Christ in the ministry of teaching, mentoring, and discipleship to young, middle aged and older men and to the saved and unsaved throughout the State of Ohio and the World.

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Song: "He Blesses Me" Artist: Elaine Fitzgerald
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